Ity & Fancy Cat - Performers

Unquestionably funny, Ity and Fancy Cat is arguably the hottest comedy act currently operating out of the Caribbean.

They are now a household name in Jamaica, having established an enviable reputation for their irreverent, innovative and inventive performance routines over the last two decades. Born Ian Ellis and Alton Hardware respectively, the duo has thrilled audiences all over Jamaica, the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

They demonstrate amazing chemistry and uncanny creative compatibility, with an always arresting and engaging arsenal of jokes, parodies and impersonations that is extensive, elastic and adaptable. They are therefore an equally hilarious option no matter what the event or the occasion. They are also stars of their own ground-breaking show (The Ity and Fancy Cat Show) which recently achieved the historic milestone of completing over 100 episodes after eight years on Jamaican television.